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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The company that manages the site, hereinafter ebrazi is SC KALYNDERUL TOUR Ltd., hereinafter SCKALYNDERUL TOUR SRL., Registered with the Trade Register under no. J29 / 719/2006 and with Unique Registration Code: RO18557501.
Use of this site implies acceptance of terms and conditions below. We recommend carefully reading them. SC KALYNDERUL TOUR LLC reserves the right to modify these provisions without further notice.

1. Copyright
The entire content of the website ebrazi - images, text, graphics, icons, web graphics and other data - is owned by SC KALYNDERUL TOUR LLC and its suppliers and is protected by copyright law and intellectual and industrial property laws. Use without written consent of the SC KALYNDERUL TOUR LLC any items listed above are punishable under the laws in force.

2 Access to information on the site SC KALYNDERUL TOUR LLC ensures all users limited access, for personal use on ebrazi website and do not have the rights to download or modify part or all of the site, to reproduce part or all of the site, to copy, to sell / resell or exploit the site in any other manner, for commercial purposes or contrary to the interests of SC KALYNDERUL TOUR LLC without its prior written consent.

3 Contractual Documents
By placing an order physical, electronic or telephonic on website, Buyer agrees with the form of communication (phone or email) by the Seller runs his operations. The order will be composed of the following documents, in order of importance:


  • command (with clear mentions of data delivery and billing) and its specific conditions;
  • Buyer's specifications (where applicable);
  • terms and conditions of sale

  • Seller confirms the order, this will involve a complete acceptance of the terms of the Order. Acceptance of order by Seller shall be deemed completed when there is a verbal confirmation (phone) or electronic (e-mail) from the Seller to the Buyer, without requiring an acknowledgment from him. Seller does not believe in any unconfirmed order as having the value of a contract.

    4 Validity
    This Agreement shall enter into force on confirmation of the Order by the Seller and ends upon receipt of the goods ordered by the Buyer, for confirmation of receipt and completion is marked by the commercial contract signature sheet Buyer of receipt of delivery or invoice / receipt. Confirmation is made by telephone or electronically (e-mail). Terms and conditions of sale will underpin such contract ended.

    5 Billing - limitation of liability for Prices shown include VAT (24%), including delivery charges, unless expressly stating on this site. The printed invoice purchase price will be the same as the one established by the sales consultant in the order confirmation as firm order or, in case of orders direct online payment by credit card, the price will be published on the site at the time of purchase. There is no minimum order limit price. Buyer's obligation is to provide all necessary information invoice according to law.

    6 Limitation of Liability for payment
    The payment ordered under this Contract Customers can make in advance or on delivery of the products. SC KALYNDERUL TOUR LLC reserves the right to require payment in some cases products in advance. Advance payment can be made by a payment order; proof of payment must be sent to SC KALYNDERUL TOUR LLC by e-mail or by fax: 031 436 80 90. The delivery will be made only after the money entered in the account of SC KALYNDERUL TOUR LLC. Payments shall be considered and payment by credit card online. In this case, SC KALYNDERUL TOUR LLC Electronic payment processor will require confirmation of security and validity of the transaction and also will perform additional checks where appropriate, before product delivery. Products ordered must be paid in full, otherwise delivery will not be made​​.

    7 Delivery
    SC KALYNDERUL TOUR LLC  will begin delivering of Christmas trees starting on 20 November 2014. SC KALYNDERUL TOUR LLC binds to send goods and services using door-to-door system to Buyer. Seller is bound to deliver the goods to the address specified by the Buyer in the desired timeframe, a telephone confirmation prior to application. Consider acceptance of the Buyer's signature on receipt of delivery sheet or invoice / receipt for products ordered. Complaints about possible problems related to the shape / color / quality of delivered products will be considered only before signing by the client of the delivery sheet and / or the invoice / receipt related order . All complaints placed by e-mail, phone or at the office will not be considered, because signature confirmation receipt of products received are in accordance with the order placed. SC KALYNDERUL TOUR LLC reserves the right to delay or cancel deliveries of ordered products if they can not be met for reasons beyond the SC KALYNDERUL TOUR LLC including: fire, explosion, etc. If the customer is not found at the address mentioned, in the agreed timeframe, our courier will return once again to restore contact with the client, at which time the order will be canceled and returned to the office product, customer will support the costs of a new delivery, regardless of the product ordered value.

    8 Limitation of Liability for warranty
    SC KALYNDERUL TOUR LLC assumes no liability on the guarantees offered by manufacturers in this website or the information, content or products included in it. Users expressly agree that use of this site and the purchase of products or services is at your own risk. SC KALYNDERUL TOUR LLC can not guarantee availability of all products listed in stock. The images published on website are for example, and products supplied may sometimes differ from the images presented in every way (color, accessories, appearance, etc.). SC KALYNDERUL TOUR LLC and its suppliers reserve the right to modify the product specification without notice. Site content (text, product descriptions, features, images, symbols) is made in close collaboration with our suppliers.

    9 Description of products
    SC KALYNDERUL TOUR LLC tries to present as detailed and accurate as possible the products featured on the website. We do not warrant that product descriptions and services and the content of this website is error-free, complete and current. If a product offered by our shop is not as described or wrongly sent, the only way to remedy the situation is to return the unused product. For more details check and the page containing the link to Shipping & Returns. Photographs used in are for presentation.

    10 Promotions and contests
    We set ourselves regulations for promotions and competitions that we organize. These regulations are communicated to potential participants only through own site. Only those commands that follows the rules posted on the site will benefit of our promotions. Also, the promotions apply only to those commands that are recorded by the Company in the period in which promotion is valid and only in stock. We do not guarantee availability of stock of products for promotion and can interrupt or cancel at any time without notice.

    11 Limitation of Liability
    We are not responsible for any damage (direct, indirect, incidental or otherwise) arising out of the use or inability to use the information presented on the site, and for errors or omissions in the contents that may result in any loss. As a result of legislation, the store has no liability in respect of:
    • delays in delivery due to supplier, courier / mail or other reasons.
    • damages, destructions, losses occurring during transport to the receiver, which are the responsibility of the carrier.
    • incorrect information provided by the buyer.
    • opportunity to get viruses by accessing the store or receiving e-mails or promotional information.
    • inconvenience of interrupting access to the shop due to their Internet service provider (ISP).
    • the contents or nature of the sites by which a customer comes into the store.

    12 Litigation and final provisions
    Any disputes arising from the interpretation and execution of this contract shall be settled amicably, and if an agreement is not reached in this way, it will appeal to competent courts at the Seller.